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There is nothing on the market like “Our True Nature: Finding a Zest for Life in the National Park System,”

Professional Leaders Make Strategic Allies

A 35-year California conservation professional with exemplary leadership in involving communities and parks; a Washington, DC-based pioneer of cultural diversity in the environmental movement; a Texas-based prairie restorer, author and leader of a youth movement; a Minnesota-based celebrated photographer, author, birder and educator and a Georgia-based Millennial leader of the national effort to reconnect children and nature.

Jack Shu; Iantha Gantt-Wright; Jarid Manos; Dudley Edmondson and James E. King II are part of the network of professionals of color eagerly engaged in diversifying our national parks and publicly-owned lands system.

Book them and other speaker/trainers Audrey@legacyontheland.com; IGWright@Mac.com.


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Frank and Audrey Peterman in Denali National Park, AK

Our country’s history is complex and subject to many interpretations. But one thing’s for sure - the land doesn’t lie. The record of events as they happened, where they happened
can be found in our national parks,  forests and wildlife refuge systems.


Soot remains on the cave ceilings in
Bandelier National Monument, NM

Travel with us to the cave dwellings where the soot from Native American fires 10,000 years ago still stain the ceiling


This plaque marks the spot in
Boston National Historical Park, MA


to the spot where the first American was shot dead in the Boston Massacre


The Eternal Light of Reconciliation burns in
Gettysburg National Military Park, PA

to the battleground where President Lincoln made his immortal “Gettysburg Address” and the Eternal Light Peace Memorial honors the soldiers who  “stand together under one Flag now." 


Enslaved Africans helped build Fort Jefferson in
Dry Tortugas National Park, FL

to the turquoise waters of the Dry Tortugas where enslaved people worked to build the largest brick fortification in the Western Hemisphere, in defense of our country.  


Discover our mutual Legacy on the Land as Americans, each of whom belongs here and has a record of contribution dating beyond the founding of our great country.


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for Life in the National Park System on...

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"Our True Nature is assembled in the style of Lonely Planet and written in very friendly, down-home
style of someone oozing with enthusiasm and desire for all to share in the US National Parks.
Even more interesting is her commentary on the unheard African-American contributions to
the National Parks!

Audrey's anecdotes are a delight to read. A long-time US expatriate, she has inspired me to
explore more of the parks that are closer to home.

This is the perfect book to jump-start the novice.

I look forward to the next volume that explores MORE of our national treasures"
W. Stewart

"Audrey Peterman's book is a true love story about the National Parks. As I explored
the book, I found myself right back to some of the parks that I too love. This is a practical
and spiritual journey through (to quote Wallace Stegner), "America's best idea."
Rebecca G.

In Legacy on the Land: A Black Couple Discovers Our National Inheritance and Tells Why Every American Should Care, Frank and Audrey Peterman share their exciting road trip around the country in which they “discovered” our parks and forests. With their lives transformed, the Petermans’ efforts to raise public awareness about these extraordinary assets makes this an exhilarating and inspiring story.

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Our True Nature
Finding a Zest for Life in the National Park System


Our True Nature: Finding a Zest for Life in the National Park System is a guide to Audrey Peterman’s ‘Top 59’ of 170 fabulous and historic places she’s visited in the National Park System. They include America’s “Crown Jewels” such as The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite and Everglades National parks, as well as lesser-known sites off the beaten path. As an American of African descent Audrey’s unique perspective is shared in a joyful, inclusive voice.

Looking for a Speaker

to energize your group and re-focus them
on the glories of nature in our own backyard? Audrey & Frank Peterman have toured close
to 170 units of the National Park System and scores of Forests and Wildlife Refuges. They are uniquely qualified to connect your audience with the special places all Americans own in
our public lands system from Alaska to Florida.

Topics include:

The Ties That Bind: Natural, Cultural &
   Historic Wonders in Our National Park

The African American Legacy in the National
   Park System

America the Beautiful: Protecting Our Natural
   Heritage for Future Generations

The National Parks, Forests & Wildlife
   Refuges: A Legacy to Discover