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There is nothing on the market like “Our True Nature: Finding a Zest for Life in the National Park System,”

Cross-country adventure leads to life of
exploration, advocacy

With their last child graduating from college, Audrey and Frank Peterman embarked
on a road trip around the country to “discover America.” Traveling 12,000 miles across 40 states from Florida to Washington State, they were transformed by the stunning natural beauty, history and culture protected in our National Parks and forests. Shockingly, they saw less than a handful of Americans of Hispanic, Asian, African or Native American heritage enjoying the Great American outdoors, or working in them. Recognizing that this problem stemmed from a lack of information, misconceptions
and latent fears about being in the woods, the Petermans resolved to become a
catalyst for change. Since then, they’ve crisscrossed the country multiple times,
visiting 156 national parks, numerous forests and wildlife preserves; served on a plethora of environmental boards; inspired hundreds of thousands to discover and support our national treasures, and personally taken thousands of Americans on
tours of the national parks.




Audrey and Frank Peterman have been pioneers in the green and conservation movement since 1995.They are among the leading experts on America’s publicly-owned lands system. They are tenacious advocates for breaking
the color barrier and  integration of our natural treasures as a way for all Americans, including children, youth, adults and seniors regardless of ethnic  heritage to better appreciate our collective history and achieve a truly democratic society.

Audrey’s journalistic abilities are apparent in Legacy on the Land as she so vividly describes their adventures from the east to the west coast in the national parks.

Our True Nature
Finding a Zest for Life in the National Park System



Looking for a Speaker

to energize your group and re-focus them
on the glories of nature in our own backyard? Audrey & Frank Peterman have toured close
to 170 units of the National Park System and scores of Forests and Wildlife Refuges. They are uniquely qualified to connect your audience with the special places all Americans own in
our public lands system from Alaska to Florida.

Topics include:

The Ties That Bind: Natural, Cultural &
   Historic Wonders in Our National Park

The African American Legacy in the National
   Park System

America the Beautiful: Protecting Our Natural
   Heritage for Future Generations

The National Parks, Forests & Wildlife
   Refuges: A Legacy to Discover