5 Features that will Make Cleaning Your Bathroom Easier

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Face it; not a lot of people like to do household chores. However, it’s necessary to make sure that the house is clean, not just for reasons related to aesthetics, but for your own well-being. Obviously, not cleaning your home could lead to fest infestation, dust accumulating everywhere and can be inhaled, the appearance of mold, etc.

The bathroom, in particular, requires regular cleaning. It’s the one area of the house where you bathe, clean your body, brush your teeth, and flush your excrement. And if you have kids in the house, then your bathroom needs to be cleaned even more often.

A dirty bathroom creates the perfect environment for disease-causing germs to proliferate. That’s why it’s so important to clean this area of your home as often as possible.

But even if you have to keep your house clean, it doesn’t mean that you’ll enjoy the process. Thus, the key is to find ways how to make household chores easier so that you can get it done in a jiffy!

Switch to Soft Water

Hard water, which comes out of the tap in a lot of places in the United States, contains different minerals. These minerals include calcium, magnesium, and iron. While these minerals are good for your body to have in small doses, drinking or bathing with hard water can strip the hair and skin from those very important minerals that keep these structures strong. It can also leave ugly marks on your bathroom walls and floor.

A solution to this problem would be to install a water softener, a machine that removes most of these minerals, in your home. This way, washing your face and brushing your teeth will be much more enjoyable. Furthermore, in doing so, you’ll no longer have a calcium-laden sink or tub after a shower or bath!

Use Waste Traps

Your bathroom is probably filled with different kinds of hair products. You might be amazed at how much hair you lose every day, and it’s not really something that you can stop.

The problem with these products is that they can plug up your drains easily. And if they do, then you’ll have to deal with clogged sinks or worse; clogged toilets!

You know what they say; prevention is better than cure. To prevent this from happening, install waste traps. These waste traps will collect the hairs that come out while brushing or washing your head to keep them from going down into the drainpipe.

Use Large Format Tiles
laying large tiles in a bathroom

If you’re not satisfied with the overall look of your bathroom, then it’s time for a change. Since tiles are such a popular choice in bathrooms these days, go large. Big tiles always make things seem more expansive and luxurious than small tiles will ever be able to do.

Plus, it’s easier to clean. You wouldn’t have to constantly brush the dirt that has accumulated in between tiles. There are fewer spaces for mold to grow and, therefore, would require less effort to keep clean.

Add More Storage

People use a lot of products in the bathroom. From moisturizing creams to foot scrubs, you need a place to store each of these items. This requires more space in the bathroom, which is perfectly fine since you don’t want them scattered everywhere.

The best way to accommodate all these products on your bathroom counter is to add some cabinets or shelves that are large enough for any kind of product. You could even install revolving shelves that would allow you to have easy access to your most-used goods!

Having storage also would reduce the amount of time you would need to organize all your grooming products. As long as you remember to put things back to the place you took them, you wouldn’t have to keep your bathroom tidy all the time.

Don’t Use Glass

Glass looks dirty fast, and it’s much harder to keep clean. That’s why it’s recommended that you use other materials, that can be wiped clean, instead.

Plastic let glass have a less luxurious look, but they’re easier to wipe down and won’t be as sensitive to stains. Meanwhile, porcelain can give off the same elegance as glass tiles would but without any of its drawbacks!

By thinking about what features would improve your cleaning experience, it becomes much easier to follow through with the task at hand. It also makes having a clean home feel like less of a hassle and more like something worth striving for! These tips will make the next time you clean your bathroom much easier than before!

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