Beyond Home Staging: How to Sell Residential Real Estate

Home staging real estate property
  • Home staging effectively sells residential real estate, potentially leading to higher prices and shorter sale times.
  • Furnishing the home can help foster an emotional connection between potential buyers and the property.
  • Improve curb appeal through landscaping, door painting, shutters/window boxes, and clean walkways.
  • Maintenance and repair issues should be addressed before selling to ensure the property looks its best.
  • Interior spaces should be staged with warm colors that appeal to most buyers.

Home staging is an invaluable tool for selling residential real estate. A properly staged home can help your property stand out from the competition and make a strong impression on potential buyers. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), most buyers are more likely to visualize themselves living in a staged home when compared to an un-staged one, making home staging a crucial factor in successfully selling real estate.

Studies have shown that staging can boost sales prices, with some properties sold for up to 8% more than their initial asking price. Staging also helps speed up the sale process – homes typically spend less time on the market when presented visually appealing, allowing sellers to move on to their next purchase sooner. NAR reported that nearly half of the buyers’ agents said that staging affected most buyers’ view of the property and helped them understand how it could be used and customized.

However, you can also perform beyond home staging to sell your home. Here are a few tips to consider:

Furnish the Home

Staging a home is essential, but you should also consider furnishing it. Furnishing the property allows potential buyers to experience how the room looks and feels with the furniture. This will help foster an emotional connection that may lead to a successful sale. Here are a few areas to consider when buying furniture for the home:

Bedroom Furniture

Adding the right furniture to bedrooms can help create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere that potential buyers will appreciate. Investing in neutral-toned bed frames or headboards, dressers, nightstands, and accent chairs can enhance the appeal of the bedroom space. However, getting a cheap mattress in a nearby mattress clearance center might be your best move when furnishing the bedroom. The household item can help soften the room and make it more welcoming to people looking to move and settle in immediately.

Living Room Furniture

Living rooms are usually among the first spaces potential buyers see when visiting your home, so ensuring they are presented in their best light is essential. Updating your living room with modern furniture will help create an inviting space for guests while also allowing them to imagine how they would utilize it if they moved in. Consider investing in comfortable sofas or sectionals with durable yet stylish fabrics and accent chairs, which come in various styles, from contemporary to traditional designs. These pieces will instantly elevate any living room space.

Kitchen Furniture

For kitchens, enough seating is essential since buyers often want to envision themselves sharing meals around a dining table or breakfast bar countertop. Selecting kitchen furniture that will stand up against heavy use without sacrificing style is essential – look for tables made from sturdy materials like solid wood or metal paired with chairs that offer both comfort and visual appeal like bucket-style seats upholstered with stain-resistant fabrics such as leather or twill weave options.

Outdoor Furniture

Finally, don’t forget about outdoor spaces! Suppose you have a patio or deck area on your property. In that case, adding outdoor furniture is essential for showcasing its full potential since most buyers prefer homes with private outdoor entertaining areas where they can host guests comfortably during warmer months. Consider investing in weatherproof items explicitly designed for the outdoors, such as teak tables, chairs, and wicker seating sets.

Improve Curb Appeal

Improving home curb appeal

Curb appeal is a great way to make an excellent first impression on potential buyers and help draw them in. Ensure your home’s exterior looks well-maintained and inviting by updating the landscaping, painting the front door, adding shutters or window boxes for extra charm, and ensuring clean walkways.

Finally, don’t forget about staging the interior space with color! Adding a fresh coat of paint in warm hues like beige or gray will create a more modern look while keeping it neutral enough to appeal to most buyers.

Maintenance and Repairs

Maintaining home before selling

Of course, no homeowner wants a new home to immediately have maintenance and repair issues. During the selling process, address any necessary repairs, such as replacing broken fixtures, repairing leaky faucets or damaged flooring, and fixing cosmetic damage, like dents in the walls or scratched paint.

Having a home inspector come in and thoroughly check the property for any issues can help you identify what needs to be done before selling. Once they determine what needs to be fixed, you can take the necessary steps to ensure that your property looks its best before buyers come for a visit.

Final Thoughts

By taking these extra steps, you can help ensure your home is ready to impress potential buyers and increase the chances of selling quickly and at a higher price. With proper staging and maintenance, your property will stand out from the crowd and give prospective buyers precisely what they want.

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