Redesigning the Exterior of Your Home: Upgrades to Consider

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Just as your home’s interior needs occasional touch-ups, the outdoor area—where you can spend time relaxing with your family and friends—also requires some changes. Therefore, it is best to include your outdoor living space in your home upgrade plan this year.

Changing your home’s exterior design can involve simple and low-cost improvements. It may also include a pricey remodeling project if you have more than enough budget. In other words, you have the option to make your upgrades grand or simple based on your taste and budget. So keep reading and check out some ideas for your home’s exterior.

Home Exterior Remodeling Ideas

You should also invest in the exterior of your home. It is best to include it in your renovation plans. Meanwhile, you have to remind yourself that even the outer look of your home adds value to it. For this reason, make it a point to change something in your outdoor living spaces. Below are some ideas that you may consider:


It is a kind of porch that helps you obtain an outdoor view and access to nature. You can sit down and enjoy nature’s view without dealing with insects or winds. Aside from that, you can enjoy the sun’s rays at their finest. You can even turn it into an area where your family can spend a game night. In this case, you can decorate it with string lights to make the ambiance more interesting.


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Landscaping projects are also standard upgrades most people make in their outdoor spaces. Many suppliers offer residential landscape designs that may suit your taste. Besides, having greens around your home can relax you and also be a way to help the environment. In this case, you can go for some shrubs and bushes, flowering plants, or trees. Landscaping can add curb appeal to your exterior.

Rooftop Decks

This option is excellent if your home does not have a backyard. A private rooftop deck is worth every hassle because you will gain an area for entertainment. However, you should know the building laws and requirements before starting this project. Moreover, you must ensure your house foundation is strong enough to support the rooftop deck.


Homeowners often forget their outdoor spaces when thinking about home renovations. Little did they know that the home’s exterior is vital to enjoying the house as a whole. Given this point, you can try having a beautiful and comfortable patio that complements your house’s appearance. Patio designs can also increase the home’s overall value.

Screened Porches

This option will also provide you with an additional living space. It is almost similar to a sunroom, but the difference is that it has a way to let fresh air pass through the walls. Meanwhile, you remain screened against insects while enjoying the breeze. However, you also have to consider other aspects relative to this option, such as the cold seasons. You may need to install an outdoor heater.

Other Upgrade Ideas to Consider

You can also consider doing the following in your home’s exterior. These ideas may be small in detail, but they can make a huge difference in your outdoor designs:

  1. You can enlarge your entryway. Doing this can help your home become more welcoming, while colors can help you achieve a warm, welcoming ambiance in your front door area.
  2. Additionally, you can add exterior lights to make your home’s design visible even at night. Door lights and accent lights are excellent choices of lighting. Furthermore, exterior lights can help you increase security.
  3. You can also enlarge your windows or upgrade their shape to add dimension to your home’s exterior. Meanwhile, large windows can also help your interior obtain enough natural lighting.
  4. One more thing that you can change is your garage door. Carriage-style doors, carved, or contemporary styles are a few options you have. These garage ideas can increase the curb appeal of your home.
  5. It is also an excellent idea to upgrade your fence. Whether you change it as a whole or modify its paint colors, it is best to invest in fences that can give a fresh new look to your property.

Final Thoughts

The outdoor areas require changes, too. For this reason, do not set them aside. It is best to include them in your upgrade plans. This way, you can make your outer areas as presentable as your interior. You have to keep the balance between your home’s interior and exterior designs.

Always remember, both of them are necessary to have a comfortable and high-valued home for yourself and your family.

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