Selling the Home Before Retirement: What to Do

Selling home upon retirement
  • Improve the home’s aesthetics before selling to increase its value and make it attractive to buyers.
  • Enhance comfort by installing insulation, adding a fireplace or patio, and upgrading window treatments.
  • Consider home staging to create an inviting atmosphere for prospective buyers and showcase the advantages of downsizing.
  • Downsizing into a smaller home can bring financial benefits in retirement by reducing costs associated with owning a property.
  • Selling a home before retirement can help seniors gain financial freedom and access exclusive amenities unavailable in single-family homes.

When retirement comes, many seniors face the challenge of downsizing their living arrangements. Downsizing from a larger home to something more manageable is ideal for various reasons. Firstly, it can help reduce costs associated with owning a home, such as mortgage payments or property taxes. Furthermore, less upkeep and fewer repairs are required due to the smaller size of the house. Additionally, downsizing into a condo or housing complex can provide access to amenities like pools, gyms, and social clubs that may not be available in single-family homes.

The financial benefits of downsizing for seniors are substantial; according to a survey by The National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association, 50% of respondents reported saving $100 or more per month after they sold their homes and moved into an alternative living arrangement. Another survey conducted by AARP found that 47% of homeowners aged 65+ would consider selling their homes and moving into a rental apartment to reduce expenses and live comfortably in retirement.

However, you might want to get the most out of your property before moving. Here are some tips for selling your home before retirement:

Improve Aesthetics

Landscaping features of a home up for sale

Improving the aesthetics of a home is an essential step in increasing its value and making it attractive to potential buyers. Homeowners often significantly boost their homes’ prices with minor updates and repairs. Here are a few projects that can help improve a property’s aesthetic and increase its value:


Freshening the lawn with new plants, trees, pathways, or flower beds can give your landscape a much-needed facelift. It also adds curb appeal and offers potential buyers an inviting first impression. If you already have a small garden, consider adding crops that will be ready to harvest before the home is sold.


A new coat of paint can make any room seem more spacious and brighten the environment. It’s an affordable and relatively easy fix that adds value to your home without breaking the bank. If painting walls seem too big, consider painting doors or adding colorful accents to the exterior.


Replacing outdated flooring like carpet or tile makes a big difference in how buyers perceive a house, especially if it’s been well-maintained. Hardwood floors are trendy among prospective buyers due to their timeless look and durability.

Updating Fixtures

Installing modern fixtures like doorknobs, cabinet handles, light switches, and other hardware can give your home an updated look without undergoing significant renovations or remodeling projects. Another tip is ensuring the fixtures match each other for a unified look.

Enhance Comfort

Enhancing home comfort before selling

Enhanced comfort is essential for potential buyers, making a home more attractive and boosting its value. Providing comfort in the home can involve making minor improvements that create a cozy environment and improve the overall livability of the house. Here are some ways to enhance comfort in your home before selling:

Install Insulation

A properly insulated home can help keep energy bills low and reduce noise from the outside. This helps create a comfortable atmosphere inside the house and makes it more desirable to buyers. Professional home insulation services can provide customized solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Add a Fireplace or Patio

Adding a fireplace or patio enhances comfort by providing a cozy spot for residents to relax and enjoy the outdoors without leaving their property. A fireplace adds warmth and ambiance during cold winter, while a patio provides an excellent space for entertaining guests and hosting parties year-round.

Upgrade Window Treatments

Upgrading window treatments is an easy way to improve light control, privacy, and aesthetics. Shades, blinds, curtains, or shutters are available in various styles and colors that can add a touch of sophistication to any room. Additionally, choosing sustainable materials like bamboo or hemp will help buyers feel good about their purchase while still enjoying beautiful views of nature inside their homes.

Consider Home Staging

Home staging is making a home appear more attractive to potential buyers. This involves decluttering and rearranging furniture, adding new decorations, and highlighting features that add value to the house. Home stagers can help create an inviting atmosphere for prospective buyers, increasing their marketability and desirability.

Staging the home can also be a great way to showcase the advantages of downsizing into a smaller space. By using furniture and decorations that are appropriate for the size of the house, you can highlight how much space is available in each room and demonstrate how comfortable it can be.

Final Thoughts

Selling a home before retirement can be an excellent way to reduce costs and gain financial freedom. Downsizing has numerous advantages, including lower expenses and access to exclusive amenities that may not be available in single-family homes. However, getting the most out of your property by improving its aesthetics, enhancing comfort, and staging it for prospective buyers is essential. Implementing these tips can help you maximize the value of your home before moving on to a new phase of life.

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